Superintendent Search Process and Laws

The CSDB Board of Trustees is committed to a superintendent search process that is transparent, inclusive, collaborative, and thorough.

As a state agency, CSDB's search process is subject to certain state laws, including the Colorado Open Meetings Law, 24-6-401 et seq., C.R.S., which governs superintendent searches, and the Colorado Open Records Act, 24-72-201 et seq., C.R.S., which governs public records related to applicants.

To comply with these laws, some parts of the search process will take place in public meeting sessions while other parts will be held in private executive session. The following information summarizes the search process.

Convening a Search Committee

The Board may choose to create a search committee which may be comprised of some of all Board members, the search firm, community members, and other interested individuals. If the Board creates a search committee, the committee must follow the state laws governing the search process

Developing the Job Description, Timelines and Process

One of the first steps once the search firm starts work is planning a public meeting to discuss job search goals, including

  • writing and/or updating the superintendent job description
  • requirements for applicants
  • deadlines for applicants
  • selection procedures
  • the timeframe for appointing or employing a superintendent

Posting the Position and Collecting Applications
The position will be posted in various forums and recruitment efforts begin. Applications received are confidential at this point.

Review of Applications and Conducting Interviews
The Board or search committee will review the pre-finalist applications in executive session to maintain applicants' confidentiality. General discussions about the search process that don't concern individual applicants still take place in public.

Pre-finalist interviews take place in executive session. Eventually, the Board must decide whether to name a sole finalist or multiple finalists. Once the Board announces a finalist or finalists, any interviews and deliberations must be held in open public board meetings.

Public Inspection of Finalist Applications

State law requires that records submitted by applicants remain confidential until an applicant is named a "finalist." 24-72-204(3)(a)(XI)(A), C.R.S. Once an applicant is named a "finalist," most of their application materials are subject to public inspection, though some are not, such as reference letters and medical, psychological, and sociological information. 24-72-204(3)(a)(XI)(B), C.R.S.

Appointing a Superintendent

The Board must announce the finalist(s) at least 14 days before appointing a candidate as superintendent.

Additional related laws and CSDB policies