Grades 3-12

This is a very unique school year.  We are all working to provide instruction in a different setting and climate than we are accustomed.  Thus, it is imperative that we continue to work and communicate together, it is as a CSDB family that we will prevail!  Our current dynamic requires this teamwork in addressing the following:

  • We will continue to focus on the safety of our students and staff, given the guidelines by state education and health officials.
  • Teachers are providing instruction on-line and in-person (for those students who feel comfortable returning to campus), often simultaneously. 
  • Social-emotional support for students, families and staff as we navigate these unchartered times.

In the School for the Deaf, 3rd-12th grade programs we also continue to address our annual goals for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Continued alignment with the Colorado State Standards for all content areas
  • Per our Unified Improvement Plan, provided to the Colorado Department of Education
    • A focus on consistent application of research- based Tier One curriculum in all content areas; especially in Literacy as we just purchased a new Tier One curriculum
    • Establishing research-based Tier One behavior programs and expectations, consistently implemented in all classrooms
    • Professional development provided to teachers on current curriculum and focus areas, as well as on-going opportunities for teachers to explore individualized professional develop specific to their content area or professional growth goals
    • Implementation of a consistent process for identifying students’ needed areas for growth and the provision and progress monitoring of appropriate intervention and supports, both for academics and behavior (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support MTSS)
  • Further, we will be working to formally address identified areas of the upcoming 5-year Strategic Plan

As always, our instruction is student-focused, working with students at their current level and moving them towards on-level achievement.  Students are provided direct access to instruction in American Sign Language with exposure to Deaf peers and role models throughout their school day.  We strive to impart in students a strong sense of confidence, resiliency, and knowledge so they may thrive in their current and future settings.