Colorado Shared Reading Project


The Colorado Shared Reading Project (CSRP) is a free program for families with children who are Deaf or hard of hearing, infant through age 8 years throughout Colorado! 


The CSRP helps families learn to use book-sharing strategies to read effectively to their children using Sign Language and to increase families’ communication skills using sign. Studies show that reading to children is the most important activity that parents can do to increase their child’s literacy skills and later success in school. Parents can participate in CSRP through in-home or web based instruction.

CSRP, developed by the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University, is based on research regarding effective reading practices with children who are Deaf or hard of hearing.  Parents and other caregivers learn how to read to their child who is Deaf or hard of hearing using American Sign Language (ASL) and the 15 Principles for Reading to Deaf Children.


How the Colorado Shared Reading Project works:

  • In the family’s home, a Language and Literacy Instructor who is deaf shows the parents how to sign a popular children’s storybook.
  • Along with the book, the Language and Literacy Instructor brings games, fun activities and suggestions for improving reading and communication skills.
  • During the week, family members practice re-reading the story.


CSDB YouTube Channel CSRP video playlist

CSRP On-line Application

Contact CSRP for more information.


CSRP participants are talking

 “We love our instructor!  She is great!  CSRP has been great.  We’ve already learned so much sign language and how to sign a couple of books.  We’ve become very comfortable using sign and have been able to use it in our home.”  –  Parent participating in CSRP

“I am very happy with this program.  It is very well structured for a family like ours.  We had to start from the very beginning and our instructor has been very patient with us and has structured the program accordingly for our family.  She is awesome!  Keep up the good work!”  – CSRP family