Strategic Area #5: Statewide Services

Coach: Cheryl Austin and Ashley Renslow

Strategic Goal  

As Colorado's premier resource on birth through high school education of the blind/visually impaired and deaf/hard of hearing, CSDB will be known statewide for its positive and successful collaboration with families, school districts and other stakeholders. 

 5-Year Goal   

CSDB’s Outreach Department will provide a greater and more responsive array ofintegrated services and expertisein educatingblind/visually impaired and deaf/hard of hearinglearners frombirththrough high schoolto families, school districts and other stakeholders in the state. 


5A  Strategic Goal Area:  Trainings and Workshops   

Team Captain: Ashley Renslow

Players: Jennifer McLellan, Dana Baldiviez  

Objective 1 

Increase variety of statewide trainings and workshops for families and professionals.  

  1. Develop, document, and communicate a catalog of in-person and web-based trainings and workshops for families and professionals. 
  2. Provide surveys after CSDB trainings and workshops to guide future areas of focus. 
  3. Investigate and prioritize trainings and workshops based upon prior attendance, survey results, requests, and funding. 
  4. Identify and provide individualized support, trainings, workshops, and resources needed by families as members of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) team.  

5B  Strategic Goal Area: Early Education Programs  

Team Captain: Ashley Renslow

Players: Sara Noel, Donna Keale, Jennifer McLellan, Jennifer Thompson, Kirsten Gardzelewski, Kelly Doolittle  

Objective 1 

Have updated documents, resources, and services for increased collaboration and communication.  

  1. Develop more collaborative relationships between various consumer groups and CSDB to ensure all options are considered and provided to families. 
  2. Investigate streamlining the process for providing families with a full list of possible options/services to allow for all appropriate providers to be invited to IFSP meetings. 
  3. Investigate and develop a process on bridging early intervention and child find/school-based services to address the needs of the child during this transition period for families.   

Objective 2 

Offer a variety of on and off campus services for children birth through age 5 who are DHH or BVI.  

  1. Expand birth to 5 programs offered to families of Deaf children to also include families outside of El Paso county.  
  2. Investigate and provide birth to 5 program opportunities for families with children who are blind/visually impaired. 
  3. Decrease number of families waiting for participation in Colorado Shared Reading Project by 10% each year. 
  4. Work collaboratively with other state agencies and groups (El Colorado and EHDI), to ensure all children in CHIP are receiving consistent and standardized services.  

5C  Strategic Goal Area: School-aged (itinerant) services and programming (ages 3+ thru 21)  

Team Captain: Kathy Emter 

Players: Donna Keale, Aaron Crow, Autumn Odette  

Objective 1 

Expand Outreach school-aged services to provide additional opportunities.  

  1. Communicate and plan hosted events for preschool through 5th grade students and their families.  
  2. Communicate and plan hosted events for students (6th-12th grade) and their families.  
  3. Explore and expand options for providing support/services for transition age students (18-21) to include their own communities.  
  4. Expand provision of in-person and remote access to role models for students and families.  


Objective 2 

Increase collaboration with school districts, service providers and stakeholders statewide.  

A.    Explore and provide opportunities for professional development and collaboration with districts across the state in their provision of school-aged services.  

5D  Strategic Goal Area:  Collaboration and Resources  

Team Captain: Dale Wolf

Players: Ashley Renslow, Jim Olson, Dana Baldiviez, Cindy Cummings, Cara Johnson 

Objective 1 

Establish and increase opportunities for collaboration.  

  1. Identify and increase opportunities for internal collaboration among Outreach and on-campus programs. 
  2. Identify and increase opportunities for external collaboration between CSDB, Outreach programs, school districts, and consumer groups.   

Objective 2 

  1. Establish an avenue for broadly sharing a variety of high-quality resources and programs.  
  2. Expand ASL programming.    Increase the breadth of Expanded Core Curriculum Resources and Programs.