Strategic Area #1: School Climate

Coaches: Diane Taylor    

Strategic Goal  

CSDB is a place of equity where passionate learners and staff thrive through feeling respected, supported, safe and able to contribute to the school’s vision and mission.   

5-Year Goal  

CSDB is a place of equity where passionate learners and staff thrive through feeling respected, supported, safe and able to contribute to the school’s vision and mission.  

1A. Strategic Goal Area: Equity  

Team Captain: Ashley Wood

Players: Jessica Rogers, Sean Leveille, Alex Aversa

Objective 1  

Inform CSDB staff and learners about and engage in school-wide equity practices related to intersectionality.  

  1. Develop schoolwide definitions of equity and intersectionality. 
  2. Provide a variety of ongoing discussion forums for staff and learners related to the workplace and unpacking their privileges.  
  3. Collect and analyze data related to equity for our student body.  
  4. Collect and analyze data related to equity for our employees. 
     Develop a place for concerns to be posted (can be anonymous) and addressed; ex: A SchoolDude-type platform.  
     Maintaining the integrity of our system, by providing ongoing appropriate training, to ensure the space is equitable for all the employees and students.   

1B  Strategic Goal Area: Communication 

 Team Captain: Diane Taylor

Players: Amanda Padilla, Janet Steele, Cathy Haselhorst 

 Objective 1 

Improve and maintain clear, timely, transparent, and accessible communication.  

  1. Improve and maintain two-way communication between departments. 
  2. Identify and initiate a platform for consistent communication with parents and families through technology and print. 
  3. Maintain positive relationships with partners and stakeholders to increase the visibility of CSDB. 
  4. Continue to expand the use of social media and develop a new website.  
  5. Use a variety of ways to disseminate information about events, research, and best practices for working with learners. 

1C  Strategic Goal Area: Morale  

Team Captain: Beth Oliver 

Players: Amy Baker

Objective 1 

Foster the development of a joyful, positive, and strong morale within the school community (staff and learners), where individuals have a sense of place and commitment to our shared mission.   

  1. Evaluate and improve current mechanisms allowing individuals of the school community to address concerns in a respectful, solution-oriented approach.
  2. Promote clear, consistent, and respectful communication across the school community.
  3. Create interdepartmental opportunities that reinforce a strong sense of belonging and unity within the school community.   
  4.  Use individual feedback reporting to enhance the school community’s successful practices in terms of communication, equity, professional growth, and more specifically actions that promote feelings of mutual respect and value.   
  5. Provide constructive follow-up communication to appropriate supervisors with information obtained from the exit interview process.  

1D  Strategic Goal Area: Safety  

Team Captain: Marc Bolt

Players:  Cara Johnson, Shari Mathews, Jacky Weatherup, Anthony Thomas   

Objective 1 

Establish a process to ensure learner/staff safety and a positive learning environment on campus.  

  1. Review/revise/create crisis protocols to include pandemic safety measures, active shooter, weather, environmental threats, and other identified areas 
  2. Evaluate learner and staff safety on campus. 
  3. Review and standardize behavior and learner crisis response. 
  4. Identify and address mental health needs.  

1E  Strategic Goal Area: Recruitment  

Team Captain: 

Players: Tera Spangler

Objective 1 

Establish systems and processes to support the goal of full staffing.  

  1. Review and evaluate the process and systems in place for the recruitment of staff; including addressing how to advertise to and attract diverse individuals more efficiently. 
  2. Re-evaluate the roles of principals, school-community liaison, and staff in the process of recruitment. 
  3. Establish strong, positive relationships with colleges and teacher training programs in Colorado and around the country to allow for internships and opportunities for potential teachers to see what CSDB offers.