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CSDB Statewide Advisory Committee

The purpose of the advisory committee is to review the recommendations of the Independent Program Review (IPR) and the current Strategic Plan and identify areas of focus based on the needs of the state.

Applications are being accepted until July 1, 2024, for members who support Blind
Meetings will be open to the public and will be facilitated by a leadership team comprised of the following individuals who are Blind community members, parents, staff members, state representatives from CDE, and other members representing agencies that support the Blind.

Applications are being accepted until July 1, 2024, for members who support Deaf 

Meetings will be open to the public and will be facilitated by a leadership team comprised of the following of majority individuals who are Deaf community members, parents, staff members, state representatives from CDE, and other members representing agencies that support the Deaf.


CSDB Board of Trustee 

Applications Are Being Accepted for New Member

The board of trustees shall consist of seven residents of Colorado, appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate.  Of these seven members, at least one appointee shall be a blind person and at least one appointee shall be a deaf person. The governor shall consider establishing and maintaining a geographical, urban, and rural balance among the board members.  No more than four of the seven members shall be members of the same political party. The terms of office of the board of trustees shall be four years, and members can serve two four-year terms. 


The CSDB Early Education Center and preschool programs focus on thematic centers and experiential learning opportunities for students from ages three through five.  We adapt our curriculum and instruction to meet each student's unique learning and communication styles.  We focus on establishing a strong academic foundation for both our deaf/hard of hearing and visually impaired students to foster success in future grades.

The Early Education Center

The School for the Blind provides specialized and intense services that focus on the unique learning needs of students with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities. We provide a broad range of instructional programs and specialized instruction, including a residential program. About 20% of our students in the school for the blind reside on campus Sunday night through Friday afternoon, traveling back to their homes on a weekly basis. Students who live in the Colorado Springs area, live at home during their enrollment and are transported to the school on a daily basis by their local school districts.

The School for the Blind

The School for the Deaf provides a comprehensive academic program for students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing, including those with additional learning needs, in grades kindergarten through 12. We implement a bilingual educational approach and prioritize the development of language and positive self-concept through a fully immersive American Sign Language environment.  A team of professionals trained to work with students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing develops an individualized education plan for each student to ensure the student's potential success is maximized by using grade-level academic standards and curriculum.  In addition, an emphasis is placed on implementing positive behavior interventions and support, promoting appropriate social skills, developing communication, critical thinking, and self-advocacy skills, and application of learned concepts across environments.  Students who qualify can receive additional student services in the areas of speech-language, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, to name a few.  After-school recreational activities and athletics are available for all students.  A residential program is available for students who live outside of the El Paso County area and house students in dormitory-style housing during the school week.

The School for the Deaf

The transition program at CSDB is designed for students ages 18-21. Students will discover and explore the various opportunities available to them through hands-on instruction, Project Based Learning, guest speakers, and off-campus experiences. As students make progress, they will fine-tune their work abilities, determine job preferences, and learn to become independent.

Bridges to Life

Outreach Programs provide advocacy, resources, training, and opportunities to empower children, families, students, and school districts across the state of Colorado.  We are passionate about partnering with families and students, from birth to age 21, on their unique individual journey.  Our programs are rooted in collaboration, the establishment of best practices, and educating professionals, stakeholders, and community partners across the state to create a brighter future for all.  A variety of services area available for students, children, and their families, who are blind/low vision and deaf/hard of hearing.

Outreach Programs

Student Life encompasses a wide range of activities and programs including Athletics, After School Activities, and a Residential Program.

Student Life



School Founded by

Jonathan R. Kennedy


Deaf/HH & Blind/VI Children

Served On Campus & Statewide


Acre Campus located

in Downtown Colorado Springs


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Latest News


The 8th grade School for the Deaf science class has been learning about space. Here, they are modeling the scale size of each celestial body compared to the CSDB campus. More School for the Deaf studies space     


people stand in a line, each holding up an object. colored arrows point to the objects

Elementary students, in the School for the Blind, have been working hard on various sculptures. Our recent clay self-portrait project was a great artistic experience for them. More School for the Blind sculptures 








5 individual photos with students holding clay sculptures of faces

CSDB hosted a bike riding extravaganza, with partners Kids on Bikes and AngleTech, for students in the School for the Blind.  The students experienced a variety of tandem bikes and rode with pilots, volunteers with our partnering agencies. More Bike Riding 

adult and student together bike by the CSDB sign


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