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The School for the Deaf coaching team has been working diligently to organize and set up an intervention/testing room and a play-based learning room. Bulldogs promote literacy everywhere you look! More Play-based Learning Room 



left, reading corner with comfy beanbags and a rug;right; text, "Drop Everything and Read!"

Written by Jerred Sonneborn, TVI
After many observations of School for the Blind students exploring and learning a number of concepts, fellow elementary teacher, Grace Gundel and I, decided that this year we needed to enhance and “jumbofy” to scale, key tools crucial to our students learning. Check out our jumbo abacus, ruler
and interactive braille cell!
More Jumbofy the Tools 

Top left, students feel jumbo abacus; top right, Letter of the day giant braille cell; bottom, giant ruler with braille

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September 2021

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09 am
September Board Meeting-CANCELLED -
03 pm
MS Volleyball Game: CSDB @ Colorado Springs School at 3:30 pm -
04 pm
MS Volleyball Game: CSDB @ Karval at 4:30 pm -
05 pm
HS Volleyball Game: CSDB @ Fountain Valley School at 5 pm -

Teachers from 1890 grouped on the steps of Old Main

Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind celebrates 147 years.
Photo: Teachers, in 1890, pose on the CSDB "Old Main" steps