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The CSDB Early Education Center and preschool programs focus on thematic centers and experiential learning opportunities for students from ages three through seven.  We adapt our curriculum and instruction to meet each student's unique learning and communication styles.  We focus on establishing a strong academic foundation for both our deaf/hard or hearing and visually impaired students to foster success in future grades.

The Early Education Center

The School for the Blind provides specialized and intense services that focus on the unique learning needs of students with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities. We provide a broad range of instructional programs and specialized instruction, including a residential program. About 20% of our students in the school for the blind reside on campus Sunday night through Friday afternoon, traveling back to their homes on a weekly basis. Students who live in the Colorado Springs area, live at home during their enrollment and are transported to the school on a daily basis by their local school districts.

The School for the Blind

The School for the Deaf provides a comprehensive academic program for students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing in grades PK-12. Teachers challenge each student to achieve his/her potential in a signing environment that promotes the development of language and a positive self-concept. Annually, a team of professionals develops an individualized education plan for each student. The development of language, communication skills, critical thinking skills, appropriate social skills, and application of learned concepts are emphasized. Opportunities to mainstream in areas of strength are provided through a collaborative effort with the local public school districts.

The School for the Deaf

The transition program at CSDB is designed for students ages 14-21. Students will discover and explore the various opportunities available to them through hands-on instruction, Project Based Learning, guest speakers, and off-campus experiences. As students make progress, they will fine-tune their work abilities, determine job preferences, and learn to become independent.

The Employability Center

Outreach Programs are designed to meet the needs of students statewide who do not attend CSDB, their families and school district staff. A variety of services for students, birth through high school, who are blind/visually impaired and deaf/hard of hearing are available.

Outreach Programs

Student Life encompasses a wide ranges of activities and programs including Athletics, After School Activities, and a Residential Program.

Student Life



School Founded by

Jonathan R. Kennedy


Deaf/HH & Blind/VI Children

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Latest News


Preschool students had a good start to Spring!! Students are learning about the lifecycle of plants, birds, animals and more!  More Preschool Spring Fun 


left, girl makes bird seed feeder; right, boy and girl make paper crafts

The CSDB Goalball team played their first game against CSDB staff and a few U.S. Air Force airmen. It was a great game with an audience of students and staff from our three campus schools and the families of our players.  More Goalball 








Upper, 3 CSDB goalball players on the court; Lower, 3 USAFA Airmen on defend on the court


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