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Middle School Mathematics students, in the School for the Deaf, are learning about area of polygons. During a paper cutting activity, we discovered rectangles and parallelograms are not so different, after all! Students started with a rectangle, exploring how area equals length times width. Students then, cut diagonally, starting at a corner of the rectangle ending on the opposite side, creating a right triangle. Once the triangle section was removed, students slid that piece to the opposite side of the rectangle, creating a parallelogram! We discovered the area for a parallelogram is base times height.


Three students hold geometric paper shapes

Students, in the School for the Blind, continue to demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness, and adaptability during a time of both in-person and online learning. Students, in the high school Chemistry class, were challenged with modeling specific energy levels within an atom, called orbitals, which exist in different 3D shapes in relation to the central point of an atom, the nucleus. Learn more


Two 3D models of orbitals

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Teachers from 1890 grouped on the steps of Old Main

Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind celebrates 146 years.
Photo: Teachers, in 1890, pose on the CSDB "Old Main" steps