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In the School for the Blind, students have been celebrating Black History in music classes, by studying the work and life stories of black musicians.  The elementary school students have studied Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix. The highlighted picture shows one student studying an electric guitar after hearing a musical sample of Jimi Hendrix and his guitar skills. More about music class

A student studying the electric guitar

High school students, in the School for the Deaf Physics class, are currently learning about drag force and how air resistance contributes to slowing down the free fall of certain objects, but not others. Students will be performing the Great Egg Drop Challenge in which they create devices from no more than six typical household items (students working from home are able to participate as well). More about the Egg Drop





left:handing student an egg; right student makes structure for drag; bottom left, dropping case, bottom right, egg not broken

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February 2021

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Teachers from 1890 grouped on the steps of Old Main

Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind celebrates 146 years.
Photo: Teachers, in 1890, pose on the CSDB "Old Main" steps