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The School for the Deaf provides a comprehensive academic program for students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing in grades PK-12. Teachers challenge each student to achieve his/her potential in a signing environment that promotes the development of language and a positive self-concept. Annually, a team of professionals develops an individualized education plan for each student. The development of language, communication skills, critical thinking skills, appropriate social skills, and application of learned concepts are emphasized. Opportunities to mainstream in areas of strength are provided through a collaborative effort with the local public school districts.

Kristen Huddleston Principal ~ VP 719-358-2240

Janet Steele Administrative Assistant ~ VP 719-694-2007 ~ Voice 719-578-2221

CSDB Guiding Beliefs
for learners who are Deaf / hard of hearing and deaf-blind

  • A bilingual (American Sign Language & English) educational environment is required to attain proficiency in both languages, which is imperative for learners' current and future academic, social, and personal journeys.   
  • Immersion in an ASL and English language-rich environment from birth is optimal for learners’ linguistic, cognitive, and social development. 
  • All who work with Deaf/HH learners on campus recognize and use ASL as the primary language to ensure equitable access to language and communication. 
  • Auditory and spoken language services, as appropriate to the strengths and needs of the learner, are provided in designated areas as an essential component of the academic program. 
  • Learning about Deaf culture and heritage is integral to developing learners self-identify. 
  • Learners benefit from a visual-tactile language and communication environment. All employees contribute to creating this environment through demonstrating required proficiency in American Sign Language according to their positions.  

Electives and Student Services

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CSDB's related services help children with disabilities benefit from their education programs by providing extra support to helps the students access instruction. Related services can include, but are not limited to, speech, orientation and mobility, occupational therapy, physical therapy and more. Please click here to learn more about the services offered at CSDB and our service providers.