Speech and Language Services


Speech and Language services are provided for students, preschool through age 21, at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind. These professionals provide direct therapy, in-depth evaluations and strong and effective IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) tailored to the individual needs of students who are deaf and or blind. Services are provided in both spoken English and American Sign Language (ASL).  Areas of focus include: articulation, language development, auditory training, speechreading, fluency, functional communication skills, pragmatics, vocabulary expansion, oral motor skills, and use of alternative communication devices. In addition to direct services, parent education and state-wide outreach services are provided.

The CSDB Audiologist provides services for students and staff. The Audiologist performs hearing tests; hearing aid and cochlear implant checks and maintenance; hearing aid programming when appropriate; makes earmolds; checks for signs of ear infections and makes appropriate referrals to physicians when needed.  The Audiologist also consults with students’ parents about test results and recommendations.  The Audiologist is responsible for running the FM Loan Bank for the state, housed at CSDB.