Strategic Area #4: Learning and Living Beyond the Classroom

Coach: Anthony Thomas 

Strategic Goal 

CSDB has a well-established variety of accessible after-school programs and services promoting optimal whole person development for day and residential learners in an environment that is fun, fulfilling and engaging.  

5-Year Goal 

Foundations have been established for learner-centered programs and services available beyond the classroom that clearly identify opportunities for day, residential and BtL learners, and promote development of skills in the areas of academics & employability, leadership, recreation/leisure, wellness and independent living.    

4A  Strategic Goal Area: Extra Curricular Programming  

Team Captain: Max Wilding

Players:  Darrell Shular, Kim Thornton, Shari Matthews, Jaimie Valencia  

Objective 1 

Establish residential and extracurricular programming mechanisms to enhance programs and services occurring after the school day.  

  1. Identify and establish appropriate school-wide and/or departmental guided learning supports for learners during after school hours. 
  2. Assess, determine, and develop residential after school scheduling to determine where structure is needed to establish additional learner engagement and focus (ensuring learners have options within this structure). 
  3. Develop a system of communication that provides consistent, accurate, and timely information between residential staff and parents and residential staff and school staff.  

4B  Strategic Area: Building Autonomy  

Team Captain:  

Players: Robin Tueting, Lisa Oliphant, Marty Rahn, Allison Sambrook, Trena Alexei, Richard Williams. Shawn Anderson  

Objective 1 

Build learner autonomy through increased engaged learning opportunities for learners to lead more fulfilling lives.  

  1. Develop greater Independent Living Skills (ILS). 
  2. Create effective after-school mechanisms to promote mental health. 
  3. Review and revise school rules and procedures