ASL Immersion for Professionals


The ASL Professional Immersion events are designed for professionals who work with students who are Deaf/hard of hearing in school settings. 

Participants will learn about Deaf Culture by immersing themselves in the language and the community of the Deaf.  Participants will leave with a more complete understanding of Deaf Culture and an improved ability to communicate in ASL.  




ASL Immersion for Professionals registration fee is $90.00 per immersion event.

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Course Dates

Dates for 2023-2024 Coming Soon!

ASL Immersion Level Descriptions


Level 1

For individuals who have little or no prior American Sign Language (ASL) training

Focus: introduction to fingerspelling, introduction to basic signs and numbers, introduction to facial expressions as part of ASL grammar and practice basic conversation skills, plus introductions to Deaf community and culture

Level 2

For individuals who have basic ASL knowledge

Focus: continuing development of receptive and expressive fingerspelling, increase sign vocabulary and the use of numbers in ASL grammar, i.e.: age, time, plus Deaf community and culture

Level 3

For individuals who have some American Sign Language knowledge

Focus: increase sign vocabulary related to topics such as weather, schedules, health, increase ability to discuss various topics, plus Deaf community and culture

Level 4

For individuals who are developing fluency

Focus: introduction to ASL idioms and colloquialisms, increase ability to maintain an extended conversation in ASL on a variety of topics, plus Deaf community and culture


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