Butter Braids Fundraiser

Butter Braids Fundraiser  ended on 1/24/24

Pastry with white frosting. Left corner Butter Braid logo, The One and Only Frozen Pastry Dough. Bottom red band with white letters, I'm Selling Butter Braid Pastries!

The Academic Bowl team is excited to do the Butter Braids and Extras Fundraiser this month! The fundraising purpose is to support our expenses for the regional and national trips along with the essential needs. 

Butter Braids come in different delicious toppings- Caramel Rolls, Apple, Cherry, Blueberry Cream Cheese, Cinnamon, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Bavarian Creme, and Chocolate Chip (Gluten Free Cookie Dough). 

By Ordering Online- there are a couple more options- Cinnamon Braided Pastry Ring with white icing, Brownie Chocolate Chip Muffin (Gluten Free), and various coffee KCups.

All Bread Braids are $15, and gluten-free items are also $15. The Coffee KCup is $16, and the Cinnamon Pastry Ring is $28. 

You are also always welcome to order directly online store- https://store.myfundraisingplace.com/815bbe69-6417-498b-8075-5f2d209b7c8b

Either pay by cash or check to students or pay with a debit/credit card online. (Checks payable to CSDB Academic Bowl)

DEADLINE to make your order and pay is on January 23, 2024. The delivery will be delivered on January 30th. All orders will be delivered to CSDB, and we will personally give them to you. 

Thank you so much for your support!