Dorm Life


Residential Program


The residential program encourages independence and positive peer role modeling with close supervision from dorm staff. Students have the opportunity to be eased into what life will be like when they go off to college or when they are ready to move out on their own. The dorms utilize the COMPLETE program (creative arts, occupational, multi-cultural, physical, leisure, emotional, teamwork, and environmental) to ensure each student has a well-rounded experience with the world around them.


students with dorm supervisor playing on rings in the park
Students from the family dorm exercising at Memorial Park

Students in blind dorms celebrating a birthday
Students celebrating a birthday in the dorm.

The space on campus enriches the students’ life experiences, independence, cultural experience, and social skills. Student life provides rich life experiences for students in a language and modality that is best suited to each child’s unique needs while building a bond with peers and staff in a home like environment. The students have a wide range of opportunities on campus through a wide variety of activities that make life long memories and successful lives.


Three students and one staff, with masks on, stand near the grill, grilling hamburger patties outside.
Students and staff grilling hamburgers for dinner.

Student plays her pink guitar in her dorm room.
A student practices on her guitar in her dorm room.



Student Life welcomes students from counties all across Colorado and occasionally from a neighboring state. We help provide supervision for transportation from Denver and Castle Rock.

Parents can reach staff on Sunday evenings and Friday afternoons by calling or texting: 

Denver bus staff: 719-510-9411

Castle Rock van staff: 719-510-9416