Welcome to the Academic Educational Programs


The academic educational programs at CSDB include programs and services for students ages 3 through 21.  The programs on-campus serve students who are Deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired, and deaf-blind.  The Early Education Center serves students ages 3 through 6, the School for the Deaf and the School for the Blind serves students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and the Employability Center provides support to students through the age of 21 and supports Post-Secondary Workforce Readiness skills. 

All of the programs at CSDB provide not only an emphasis on Academics but also support the whole child and emphasize the development of social-emotional development and learning.  The instructional approach includes thematic-based units that incorporate hands-on and real-world learning.  The school is a 1:1 device environment where technology is infused into instruction and all students are issued their device.