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The Employability Center at CSDB offers programs for high school and post-high school students. Some of the opportunities provided by the center are:

High School Electives

Career Exploration

High school students will learn about the world of work, investigate various career fields, and explore individual interests and preferences for future employment. Through Project Based Learning [PBLs] students will explore the 8 career clusters and engage in hands-on activities. Students taking Career Exploration classes will have the opportunity to interact with several community members in various career fields through classroom presentations, off-campus activities, and live teleconference.

Post-School Preparation

High school students will experience the world of work by participating in group work study experiences and individual work study placements around Colorado Springs. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in community service projects, learn about various community agencies, and engage in college exposure activities.

College Readiness Seminar

High school students will explore topics focused on college readiness, as well as learn valuable skills necessary for entering the workforce and adult life. Examples of topics include time management, organization, motivation, self-advocacy, study skills, and the application process. Students taking this this course will also have the opportunity to visit local colleges/universities, meet with a college counselor, take college placement tests, and practice filling out college applications.


Career and Vocational Program Opportunities

High school and Bridges to Life students can participate in various college and vocational program opportunities. Some examples include:

  • Concurrent Enrollment and Career Start at Pikes Peak Community College
  • Local trade school enrollment, such as Paul Mitchell cosmetology, IntelliTec, the MILL program (Manufacturing and Industrial Learning Lab

* The above-mentioned programs have individual requirements

Bridges to Life

Students who have completed all of their high school credits needed to meet graduation requirements can elect to defer acceptance of their high school diploma and join CSDB’s transition program, Bridges to Life (BtL). This program focuses on career readiness, post-secondary education and training, and independent living skills.

BtL Opportunities include…

  • Paid work experiences

  • Independent living skills workshops, such as cooking, home maintenance, health & safety
  • Functional literacy and mathematics workshops
  • Community participation and technology workshops

For more information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Wright, Principal Employability Center Ph: 719-578-2215 or VP: 719-368-4110