What Our Staff and Community Say About CSDB

CSDB continuing to make important differences in SO MANY wonderful D/HH, and Blind Visually Impaired youth!! Thanks to EVERYONE, from the dorms, and kitchen staff, to the grounds, and buildings staff!! KUDOS!!

-From the CSDB Social Media Pages


CSDB continues to be a place of inspiration for me. I personally observed staff from every department supporting our students last weekend. I saw administrators cheering on our students at the games and even CSDB board members attending as fans.  

The theme this year is Bulldog Strong Together, I can honestly say, without a doubt, I feel the strength of our unity. A heartfelt thank you to all involved in making this event happen for our students.


-Anthony Thomas, Supervisor of Student Life Programs


A big thank you to all the teachers and staff at CSDB. Everyone there is amazing. Special thanks to Emma Avery and Amy Gunning who have really gone above and beyond for us this year. Happy teacher week!!

-Mark Zylstra, Parent


We love the way Stevie Loves that school, you guys are great with him!!

-Wendy Bliss Messing, Parent


A special thank you to Mr. MacDonald, Ms. Emma Avery, Ms. Shannon Carder, and our principal Jamie Lugo. I would also like to say thankyou to another awesome teacher, I do not have her but, I help in her class and she does a lot and is always there for any of the student. This teacher is,       Ms. Liz Armquist.

-Amber Morris, Student


Special thanks to Miss Sharon Kay, she is a phenomenal teacher. The work she puts in within her preschool classroom doesn't go unnoticed. We are so thankful for how far our boys have come this school year. She is a fantastic resource to her families as well, always available and willing to provide us with the appropriate tools to succeed. We love Miss Sharon  .

-Serena Askins, Parent


Jared, Grace, Sharon, the librarians, and the technology teachers all do their best to help my son succeed. This is the most caring set of staff I have ever seen at a school! Thank you for the day in and day out dedication and words will never be enough to express the impact you all make.

-Arianna Stiles, Parent


You are all have done great to CSDB students. We all appreciated all of you!

-Maria Bobbie, Parent



And to all the dorm supervisors and everybody else, thank you again!

-Jeannie Lovato, Parent


Thanks to you all. You have special hearts.

-Janet Keller, Parent


… I am not surprised with the success of this! How amazing! Congratulations to the team on this amazing project!

-Alexis Moore; Tonal Braille Project


A fabulous “school” (CSDB is so much more than just a school!) …A FABULOUS COMMUNITY of dedicated, caring, skilled, folks who all come together to celebrate, support, and improve the lives of D,HH, & Visually Impaired students from all around the state & beyond!!

And I am blessed & proud to have been a part of CSDB’s journey for 27 years!!

From Kim, in Vermont, a former teacher at CSDB for 27 years!! And CSDB gives you a “solid foundation to build on!”

-Kim Bertolini-Mier, Former CSDB Teacher


Just like last time, we had a blast and learned a lot. No matter where you’re coming from, sports is a universal language. Thank you for letting us come and connect with you all in such an amazing way.

-Colorado Springs Police Department