What's Happening in Outreach


January 2024
In Outreach, the Little Language Learners program is plowing into the new year with winter-themed stories and activities. We have several new families joining us for the winter/spring semester and we graduated one little learner up to the preschool program.
[Image: young girl plays with a light table, with a mom and boy nearby.]

young girl plays with a light table, with a mom and boy nearby.]

October 2023

Happy smiles were found everywhere at the Sunflower Farm, recently. for more than 200 people who attended the event! The Early Literacy Team in the CSDB Outreach Department hosted the state-wide community event near Longmont, for children who are Deaf and hard of hearing, birth through age 8, and their families.



[Image: Young children roasting marshmallows at the bonfire, telling an ASL story on stage with family participation, girls hugging and the Bulldog mascot shaking hands with a baby]

Young families at the bonfire, telling an ASL story, girls hugging and the Bulldog mascot shaking hands with a baby

September 2023

The Early Education ASL Program through CSDB Outreach Programs was delighted to have SKI-HI Institute provide a 3-day training in August 2023 to 9 participants, who reside throughout Colorado.


Ski-Hi Deaf Mentor Curriculum

 Left: 11 people pose on the exterior steps of a building; upper right, three ladies clap and wave; lower right, group in a circle jumps for a group high-five.

Early Literacy Event-Platteville-Gilcrest Fire Station

April 2023

Sixteen families with children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, under the age of 5 years, met at the Platteville-Gilcrest Fire Station for a very fun Early Literacy event through CSDB Outreach. The highlight was exploring the fire trucks and ambulance and interacting with a fireman in his full gear!

Early Literacy Fire Station April 2023

Early Literacy-Northern Colorado

February 2023

The Northern Colorado Early Literacy program hosted many families, who have children who are Deaf or hard of hearing, recently. Families enjoyed a story, music and movement and other fun activities.

Upper: families sit on the floor in a circle, playing with musical instruments; Lower: Adults raise a multi-colored parachute over young children.

Literacy Events-Pikes Peak

February 2023

Families from across the Front Range Urban Corridor jumped, danced, played through music and movement activities during the Literacy Events at Pikes Peak Library 21C in Colorado Springs, GymStarz Elite in Johnstown and Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver during the month of February.


Top: young girl explores a fountain while an adult uses ASL; Lower, seven children and four adults play together in a circle

All Things ASL

February 2022

Through a collaboration with the School for the Deaf, the CSDB Outreach Programs are currently offering a total of 9 evening ASL classes each week for a total of 78 community participants and 17 family members of current CSDB on-campus students.


ASL Classes

left, teacher in front of community ASL class with screen reading, "ASL: Your name what?"; right, teacher in front of family ASL class with screen reading, "ASL Grammar"

Spring Save the Dates-Early Literacy Events


Little Language Learners Kick Off the Winter Session

January 2023

The Little Language Learners bilingual toddler playgroup kicks off the winter session on Friday, January 13, 2023.   The toddlers love our new space and equipment! We use songs to get our wiggles out and the Hands Land ASL program to learn ASL rhymes and rhythms. We paint pictures, create with playdough, cut and hole punch, match pictures and learn new vocabulary words each week. We have a sensory table for new textures, a light table with changing colors, a little literacy library and a dramatic play center to activate our little minds.

The ”Coffee and Conversations” parent portion of LLL is a lively and supportive place to discuss weekly triumphs and seek feedback with challenges. Parents learn potty training basics, language patterns and rhythms to help with daily schedules and predictability. We laugh hard and lift each other up all while taking a breather with a hot cup of coffee.

It is the MOST FUN to watch these ‘littles’ grow and learn!   

Left: teacher signs to two young children using a sensory box; Right: teacher tells a story using ASL to young families

baby with an assistive hearing device sits on the carpet, holds a book and looks toward the camera; upper right, six children and an adult listen as another adult uses ASL to sign a story; lower right, three ladies wear colorful, happy, handmade hats and smile at the camera

Music, Movement, Stories and Education!

November 2022


The children who attended the recent Northern Colorado Early Literacy event were all smiles; so fun to see so many little fingers signing, voices singing and all communicating with each other! Jami Fries, Director of @coloradohandsandvoices joined us to share information about supports and resources available to families through Hands and Voices. It was wonderful to see parents, children, and professionals all connecting with each other!

We look forward to the next event in February to bring Northern Colorado Families back together again!