Ascent Program

The Ascent Program is a NEW and NOVEL program here in Colorado. Funded by the HRSA/EHDI grant, and in collaboration with CSDB,  this program is for Colorado families with deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf blind (DHHDB) children, ages birth to 3, to connect with DHHDB adults. The Ascent Program’s mission is to connect DHHB adults from diverse backgrounds and experiences with families in order to build relationships, share resources, develop a support system to empower families, support informed decision-making, and learn about the lived lives and different ways of being for DHHDB adults. 12 DHH Adults have been trained and are ready to share their stories with your families! Interested families can contact Kathy Sevier ( with questions, or sign up using the link:

Text:"The Ascent Program, Graphic: one mountain climber helping another