Blind Early Ed Class develop green thumbs

To ring in and celebrate the start of Spring, the Early Education Center class, School for the Blind, has been developing their green thumbs. The class has been learning about how plants grow, what types of things grow, how to care for plants, and even growing their own flowers and charting their flowers’ progress as they grow.

The class started by reading stories about springtime and how to plant flowers, and then made a list of everything that they would need to grow flowers. After gathering the supplies, the students each customized their own nametag to label their pot, planted their zinnia seeds, and put them on a table near a window to make sure they got plenty of sunlight. Since then, they have been caring for, tracking, and graphing their flower’s growth and loving every second of it!

In addition to growing their own flowers, students have been enjoying the activities that accompanied this unit, such as running their own in-class flower shop! They have worked as cashiers, learned about specific gardening supplies and tools, and gotten to practice working together to put together specific bouquets for their clients (a.k.a. their friends and teachers).  

Child with seeds in checkout line of mock store