Employability Center work-study

Students in the Bridges to Life Transition program and Post School Preparation High School classes began work-study experiences, on the CSDB campus!  Due to COVID-19, students have not been permitted to leave campus to participate in the community work-study experiences, as they have in years past.  The Employability Center staff had to be creative and looked to the inside for inspiration. 

We have partnered with many departments and staff, across campus, to offer work experiences for students practicing soft skills such as arriving to work on time, communicating with a boss and co-workers, dressing for the job, and advocating for their needs.  Students were still required to apply for their perspective jobs, interview and be part of a job-search process.  Currently, students are working in the Counseling Department, the Transportation Department, doing janitorial work, grounds work, working as teachers aids and making classrooms, kitchens, and hallways more accessible for the blind.  The high school and Bridges to Life students are doing wonderful work in their on-campus jobs!

A teacher stands with a Blind Bridges to Life student in a classroom kitchen next to a stove holding a piece of paper and discussing with the student labels being put on the kitchen stove in braille

older female student and male teacher tape boxes together in the classroom

Older student and male staff working on a van