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Hello PK-2nd grade families!

You should have all received a message from Dr. Benham regarding the shift to eLearning after fall break.   I am already working diligently with my staff to gather needed materials for the three weeks of eLearning between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will also send individualized information to ensure you have the needed zoom links and times for classes and services. We really appreciate your support as we navigate the ever-changing times. Our staff are here first and foremost for kids. We will do whatever it takes to give your children the best experience we can in the eLearning platform. I have immense respect and confidence in my teachers. I also want to thank you all in advance for your partnership. We recognize that it can be difficult to keep younger children engaged in online learning, but we are here to support you and your family to make sure we are meeting your child’s educational needs. 

Even with the shift to eLearning, teachers will be focusing on different units.  The PreK for the blind is studying people long ago, in the PreK for the Deaf  they are studying nutrition,  Kinder classes are studying the farmers market followed by holidays around the world, and second grade is studying facts and opinions.  

Tip for working with kids in the home (Summarized from Edutopia)

For parents and students, learning in the home can be overwhelming.  The good news?  Neuroscience supports frequent “brain breaks”.  Typically, teachers will pepper these throughout the day in the classrooms so students can process what they have learned.  How does this help the brain?  Studies show that brains at rest are still busy processing information subconsciously.  The brain ‘cleans up’ what it has learned and organizes it into long or short term storage. 

Generally, younger students need more breaks, but students of any age benefit from breaking tasks into smaller chunks.  Taking breaks as often as even every 15 minutes with a stretch, exercise, time outside, a chore, a fun activity, or even a quick walk, can help maintain focus and energy. 

20-30 minutes to maintain focus and energy.

Here are upcoming important dates:

  • November 20th-  27th – No School
  • November 30th-  December 18th- eLearning for all students
  • December 21st- Jan 4th Winter Break
  • January 25th- Planned return to in person learning

Jennifer Thompson

Director, PreSchool, Principal, PreK-2nd Grades, School for the Deaf

Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind

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