School for the Blind Sculptures

Written by Allie Unker, Art Teacher School for the Blind

This school year, elementary students, in the School for the Blind, have been working hard on various sculptures. Our recent clay self-portrait project was a great artistic experience for them. They explored facial features and expressions through various approaches and selected an emotion to sculpt in their own projects. Using different texture tools and clay techniques, they made detailed portraits that show their understanding of human feelings. This hands-on project improved their artistic skills and boosted their sensory awareness and creativity.

In the pictures below, students are proudly posing with their portraits. Some aimed for realistic faces, while others enjoyed making abstract portraits using unique shapes. While working with clay, they met standards for creating, presenting, and responding to art. They learned to express ideas and feelings through their unique creations. This project not only celebrated their artistic achievements, but also fostered an inclusive environment where every student's creative voice was heard and appreciated.


7 photos of individual students holding clay sculptures of faces

5 individual photos with students holding clay sculptures of faces