School for the Deaf studies Space

Written by Bryan Zigler, Science Teacher of the Deaf

The 8th grade School for the Deaf science class has been learning about space. Here, they are modeling the scale size of each celestial body, if the Earth were the size of a nickel-sized marble, as well as the scale distances within our Solar System on the CSDB campus. The large red exercise ball on the fence next to the Admin building represents the Sun. The arrows point to each planet: Mercury (blueberry), Venus (penny-sized marble), Earth (nickel-sized marble), our Moon (coffee bean), Mars (raspberry), Jupiter (basketball), Saturn (soccer ball), Uranus (softball), Neptune (tennis ball). The yellow arrow points to the student holding Neptune next to the Adams building. Pluto was not included in this scale model, but Pluto would be about the size of a coffee bean near the end of the field next to Hancock Street.


people stand in a line, each holding up an object. colored arrows point to the objects