CSDB 1877-1900



Old Main with Added South Wing
  • The south wing was added to the main building at a cost of $5,500.



1889 Blind School Class
  • Three students, who were blind, joined the school.
  • The school's name changed to The Colorado Institute for Mutes and Blind.


August 1883-February 1884

George Failor
  • George Failor appointed Superintendent then fled Colorado after shooting a student.


February 1884-April 1885

Anna O. Whitcomb
  • Anna O. Whitcomb appointed as Superintendent then resigned after receiving condemnation for accepting a job typically held by a man.

April 1885-December 1887

David C. Dudley
  • David Dudley appointed as Superintendent.



John E. Ray
  • John E Ray appointed as Superintendent.



School Building
  • The school building, boiler house, and the North wing of the Main building were built at a cost of $80,000.
  • The first class of graduates, seven students, completed education at CSDB.
  • The name of the school paper changed to The Colorado Index.



1892 Girls Hall
Hospital 1892
  • Girls Hall, the hospital and the cottage were built for $31,500.
  • Enrollment: 96 deaf and 54 blind students. Staff numbers increased from 3 to 22.



Superintendent Cottage 1893
Humphrey Hall 1893

The Industrial Building (Humphrey Hall), the Superintendent's cottage, the power plant and electric lights were added for $25, 000.

The school was renamed the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind.


August 1894-March 1899

David C. Dudley
  • David Dudley was reappointed as Superintendent



William K. Argo
  • William Argo was appointed Superintendent