CSDB 1921-1940


April 1921-March 1922

Isabella C. Argo
  • Isabella Argo was appointed Superintendent after her husband passed away. A year later, she died of pneumonia.


April 1922-1932

Thomas S. McAloney
  • Dr. Thomas S. McAloney was appointed Superintendent after Isabella passed away.



Hubert Work Gym
  • Hubert Work Gym (old gym) was built.



Argo 1923
  • Argo Dining Hall was added, built on the site of the original 1876 building.



Steam Plant
Ritter Hall 1926

The Steam Plant and Ritter Hall, with classrooms and 41 beds for deaf boys and girls were built.



West Hall
  • West Hall was built with classrooms and 40 beds for deaf boys and girls, aged 10-13 years.



Alfred L. Brown
  • Alfred Brown was appointed Superintendent after McAloney passed away.